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Intelligent search and fully interactive. Here is The Tower Hotel, London

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3D Building Render (Lift-the-Lid), incorporating interactive vFloorplans, Intelligent search, room layouts, RFP linking

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3D Visualisation

Your meeting spaces, and refurb projects, visualised in high quality as HD still images and videos. This is IET Savoy Place, London

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Could you be making more sales?

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Coming soon - You will be able to show your customers all the options open to them and let them experience in first person, what you’re offering - and they will buy more.

Let them see their personal choices – or take a personal tour, but not just a video or a static fixed 360 video or image. Instead a tailor-made 3D model created from photographs of your actual rooms - so they can visualise what they’re getting from you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer them all this, in the comfort of their own office or home, together with their colleagues, or wherever they are?

Very soon from your website… and more importantly…

  • it will feel like you are in the actual rooms - not 'in a bubble' - and you can consider all the options
  • from almost any desktop or mobile device
  • without the usual time-consuming downloads, waiting time, and at last, no more complicated installations

We make accurate, realistic spaces that feel like the physical world. Our interactive video experiences let you show your customers accurate, realistic, life-like views which lessen any unrealistic expectations, unexpected disappointments, and limit the potential for misinterpretation and complaints…

We enable you to show them what you can offer, and the chance to experience it virtually, from any perspective they want, without actually having to visit it in person (because sometimes, we understand, that’s simply not feasible).

Now there are so many possibilities!

Giving your customers the opportunity to virtually EXPERIENCE what you sell… from wherever they are… in an immersive, engaging, interactive and exciting way…

Making sure they’ll want it for real!
Coming soon - vFloorplan Gold